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Tomato juice with skins and seeds obtained with Hot-break technology trough evaporating process. This product is characterized by an appreciable grain size and a high consistency.
– Tomatoes: 99,6 % (origin: Italy)
– Salt: 0,4 % (origin: Italy)
– Corrector of acidity, citric acid: quantum satis, in accordance with
good industrial technique, max 0,05%
(origin: EU/China)
In compliance with regulations CE no. 1829 and 1830 of 2003, the pizza sauce does not contain GMOs, and it is not made
from or does not have ingredients made from GMOs.
Raw Material and Origin
Tomatoes of Italian origin cultivated according to the principles of the integrated agriculture, of the ‘round’ industrial kind
(Perfectpeel, Heinz 9144, Leader, Isola, Pavia, etc.), of high consistency and intense red colouring, whole, fresh, ripe,
sound, free from cryptogamic diseases; the residue amount of pesticide is allowed by the law in force.
Product obtained with Hot-break technology trough vacuum evaporating process of the tomato juice (with 3/4mm sieves).The
process is a pre sterilization of the tomatoes with heating and stop, a filling in cans with tinplate and the consequent pasteurization of the cans. This processes assure the commercial sterility of the product with specific times and temperatures for each
production line.


Packaging: 3x4100g

Pizza Tomato Sauce

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